Hoi. Ik ben Floris Koot, I'm a Process Alchemist, Game Designer, Social Inventor, Educational Changemaker, Play Engineer & Wonderful Storyteller.



educational innovation

You're invited to a new kind of school, one of wonder: the learning field. Together we find our role for and in this world. The sessions will consist of central start, breakout sessions around your questions, projects, dreams, and improving inner leadership in little groups. Every session there will be a prepared theme that offers a path. Online methods on offer are dialogue, miro, play & experiment.

Floris Koot

Events & Keynotes

Floris is an activating speaker on topics like creativity, education, play, wisdom of fools, teaching stories, swarm leadership & more.

He has a history as an event designer and event host for management roleplaying games. Worked on stage as an actor in impro and forum settings. 


Active Learning.

With over 20 years of training experience, Floris is an enthusiastic driven trainer who gets everyone involved and active. He trained all over Europe with groups as diverse as bankers, trainers, teachers,  students, and refugees. His focus lies with play, innovation, social skills, authentic leadership, collaboration and asking the right questions.


Guided Self Discovery

With a unique approach, Floris helps you find your own inner answers to pressing questions in life and career choices.

Floris works with creative tasks, questions, and stories of his own life. Having worked in many fields and being empathic as he is, he will find ways to help you find your directions.

Online Coaching is possible. 

Game Designer

Make discovery fun!

Floris is participating in an online App building project and is also currently developing at least three games for use in business. These are a meeting game, an inner leadership game, a philosophy game. As a designer of both board games and management role-playing games, such as his Mafia game (social skills and politics for managers) he can help you design the best game for your context and needs.


as both a social innovator in diverse fields, like music, sports, education and an event designer be sure to discover he's not afraid to try new things. Quite proud is he of letting children coach adults, a team sport you can't win at the cost of others and large group rituals at diverse festivals to open en or close the event.


Nederlands: FoolService is een Internationale Creatieve Organisatie uit Amsterdam, van Floris Koot. We begeleiden en trainen teams en organisaties, houden lezingen en brengen overal iets nieuws op activerende wijze.

Als process alchemist zet ik groepen aan het denken een of in beweging. Dat doe ik als master trainer (creativiteit, sociale intelligentie, persoonlijke ontwikkeling), coach (individueel of groepen), dagvoorzitter (icebreakers en humor) of spreker (creativiteit, Way of the Fool, spel, onderwijs uit de box ). Ik zorg dat mensen inhoud gaan beleven en zelf stappen gaan zetten.  Mijn aanpak is warm, scherp & speels en zeer adaptief in/naar het moment.  Zie ook NL

Get unstuck and move ahead in uncertain times. Boost learning, courage & creativity in your organization. Get more energy, more options and feel more alive!!

FoolService helps you find essence, new possibilities and meaning. We work for organizations, teams and individuals. We offer experiential learning, (business) training, interactive keynotes, play and event design with a touch of wonder.

Methods we use include are mostly tailor made, and may include anything from world café, open space technology to rituals, management games, play design, body work, dance, theatre and more. What fits the occasion, objectives, people and context.

So what are you looking for? 

1. Facilitation of Processes? 

2 Uplifting workshops 

3. Keynote Speaker/Guest Lecturer? like here at the Happy Start Up Summer Camp.

4. Online Coaching? Contact here for private sessions. 

5. Special Events for groups and companies? Or Edgy Workshops all unique, strange, creative. 

Latest News

Projects, Adventures and New Services

In Development now

Flourish Gaia

FlourishGaia is an educational initiative to bring Gaia awareness, insight and service to schools, so that our young will co-create a future in which both our planet and they can flourish.

Flourish Gaia is a collaboration between Gaella Grace (USA) and Floris Koot. 

Find some of his educational blogs here, earning him the title of Radical Pedagog.

Training & Festivals 

Coming Up in 2020

Due to the Corona outbreak all plans changed. 

Currently we are offering online workshops, key notes (even for India "The Power of Play" & Pakistan "Creativity & Authenticity"), think tank work towards a system shift and work on three game design projects.

Other things may be born in the moment, or happen through diverse collaborations.

2020, Amsterdam

    "The Way of the Fool"

Data: 2020 has been cancelled.
Locatie: L'huis Preau, Frankrijk

Wil je veel intuïtiever worden, maar zit je denken vaak in de weg? Wil je speelser worden, maar vrees je niet serieus genoeg gevonden te worden? Wil je helpen in organisaties, maar ben je soms het overzicht kwijt, terwijl je lichaam roept: 'doe wat'. Dan is er The Way of the Fool. Hierin gaan we veel speelse oefeningen doen. Daarmee zetten we het hoofd uit en het 'hele systeem' aan. Je gaat bewuster en onbewuster voelen wat en waar dingen vast zitten en of wat je daaraan kan doen. En als je daarin vloeiend wordt, kun je niet alleen jezelf bevrijden van lasten, maar ook mensen en zelfs organisaties om je heen.

Check hier een Youtube uitnodiging.

Together with an Italian Team we work on an international game app, a kind of Tiktok for a better and more beautiful world. What can we say: Spots will be everywhere!

Floris Koot & Charles Davies
Floris Koot & Charles Davies

This Winter in the UK and Netherlands

Competitive Coaching

Is it a performance? Is it an art? Is it serious coaching on stage? Then why is everybody laughing so much? 

If you want your team, your conference, your training day spiced up with two professionals in coaching and performing for an audience then this is it, sharp yet lighthearted, focusses yet playful, fun and serious at the same time. 

Charles Davies is an expert in giving people clarity, he's also a poet, a Buddhist and copywriter & consultant for organizations. He and Floris also have been opening and closing the Happy Start Up Summer Camp in England the last three years as a team. 

Floris Koot is an expert at making things experiential, intuitive jumps in workshops and coaching. He's also a theatre maker,  storyteller, trainer in organizations and blogger about psychology and our human culture.

Watch the video to get an idea.

The Way of the Fool

A playful path for self liberation and to become a system healer. Think that jokes or questions can work as acupuncture for groups.

Competitive Coaching

One of our special collaborations that have lead to unique programs for special groups or settings. Competitive coaching can boost team learning or lift up conferences.

Floris is involved in opening and closing rituals of three different festivals. 


Years of Experience

Floris has been involved in teaching and creative jobs since 1988. 


Different Workshops

Floris designed many different workshops, mixing personal approach with universal insight.



Floris always works with passion. He puts inspiration in every job, making it like life: a positive adventure.


As FoolService we've been involved in many different projects and assignments. Many can't be shown as they were private sessions for companies, but here are some highlights of more public projects. 

Happy Start Up Summer Camp doing a "Classic Painting Pose"
Happy Start Up Summer Camp doing a "Classic Painting Pose"
5 Years MC at StandUp Inspiration
5 Years MC at StandUp Inspiration
Happy Participants after "Express Your Voice"
Happy Participants after "Express Your Voice"
New Knowmads students pose as Entrepreneurs of the Future
New Knowmads students pose as Entrepreneurs of the Future
Developed 'Counter for Life Questions' run by children.
Developed 'Counter for Life Questions' run by children.
Workshop "How to Make Money with your Weaknesses?" in Vienna
Workshop "How to Make Money with your Weaknesses?" in Vienna
GameStorm Event with City of Utrecht. Civil Servants develop games that clarify local issues.
GameStorm Event with City of Utrecht. Civil Servants develop games that clarify local issues.
A New Educational Model, showing the power of learning from Inside Out
A New Educational Model, showing the power of learning from Inside Out
Switchball, 21st Century Sport with 5 teams in 1 field.
Switchball, 21st Century Sport with 5 teams in 1 field.