Outdoor warming Up for 100+ first year art students of Minerva, Groningen
Outdoor warming Up for 100+ first year art students of Minerva, Groningen

Workshops & Training

This is just a tiny (beware of being overwhelmed anyway) overview of workshops FoolService has offered in very diverse settings. Some fit best in organizations, others for open public, some as a series. Some fit managers, other more students. Best to contact us, preferably by phone, for options and more information.

Creativity for Beginners

Become flexible in mind and spirit and more open to new ideas, from within and without.

3-60 participants, 2-8 hours

The Soul of Creativity

Advanced creativity, involving head, heart and hands. This makes it very personal.

3-60 participants, 2-8 hours

Facilitation Skills

Knowing methods and tools doesn't mean you can facilitate them. That takes training.

6-16 participants, 1-3 days

Presentation Skills

How to inspire audiences with your presence? Develop skills in presentation and attitude.

3-24 participants, 2 hrs-2 days


Inspire audiences with your story. Learn to stay in contact with self, audience and story.

8-24 participants, 3 hrs-3 days

Theatre Improv

Develop social skills, become flexible in mind and spirit and develop the courage to go for it.

8-30 participants, 3 hrs-3 days

The Way of the Fool

Become innovative through play.  Self- development workshop for advanced professionals.

8-50 participants, 2 hrs-7 days

Make Money with your Weaknesses

The root of your gift will be found in the least expected place. 

8-120 participants, 2 hrs-4 hrs

The Art of Possibility

Workshop for teachers. Inspire yourself and your classes. Learn to play with the situation.

8-24 participants, 3 hrs-2 days

Game Design

Learn to think in concepts and turn issues into a game. Can also be group event of half a day.

8-24 participants, 3 hrs-2 days

Guru Battle

Get to sit in a chair like a guru. Discover what it means to speak inspired and teach from within.

6-18 participants, 2-4 hrs

Vital Living

Develop more vitality through the voice, body and relationships. Can be a very intensive workshop.

12-24 participants, 2 hrs-4 days

Breakthrough by Metaphor

Become the hero in your own life. Discover the power of story and defeat your inner dragon. 

6-24 participants, 3 hrs-1 day

Authentic Leadership

Many fear, being yourself may get you fired. Yet living your true self is the next step in leadership.

8-12 participants, 3 hrs-2 days

Find your Inner Compass

Workshop with an amazing shift. It contains a celebrated, yet secret, part that always opens eyes.

8-70 participants, 2 hrs-1 day

Swarm Leadership

Become the hero in your own life. Discover the power of story and defeat your inner dragon.

6-24 participants, 3 hrs-1 day

Play Day

Have new groups of students get to know each other in an intensive and fun way, includes 'Death Ball'.

12-24 participants, 3 hrs-1 day

Express Your Voice

With Coco (Qeaux Qeaux) Jones. Discover your authentic voice and song and give it words.

6-12 participants, 3 hrs-2 days

And so much more....

Other workshops include debating, critical thinking, meeting design, acting, social skills, play design, large group improvisation, developing your intuition, practical philosophy, illustrating for beginners, direct mastership, pathfinders of the future, the Gentle Revolution, What is Learning??, Play and more. 

In short, Floris develops your inner fire, outer possibilities and uses many experiential exercises to make you feel and act in new ways. He feels the way out of our 'fight, flight or freeze' mode are play and wisdom.

Beautiful poetic exercise, famous at Knowmads
Beautiful poetic exercise, famous at Knowmads
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