Process Facilitation

Kick Offs, Group Rituals, Experiences to get a Message Across. This picture, for instance, is a Classic Painting Pose, to create amazing group images for long term enjoyment. His biggest gift is to make messages, principles experiential.

Whether in a business environment among impact investors (PYMWYMIC), software engineers (Sogeti a.o.), large NGO's (Rode Kruis), teachers (EDCamp Ukraine) or in a forest among creative independents (PBF festival) Floris gets everyone playful and inspired to get things going.


Kick Offs

If you desire meetings to go deep, have large groups explore a theme or make a decision, large group interventions are the right step.

Lets talk what approach might best fit your needs, whether that is a method like World Café or Open Space Technology or a more open ended approach like Circle or a specially designed Game.

There are many kinds of chairmen. Floris is a very activating one. His lighthearted tone, flexible, perhaps even irreverent tone helps to spice things up, gets everyone involved and helps to make the message of the day, experiential to everyone in the room.

Floris even can create reflective acts on the spot, like here in Vienna.

And often he was asked to help make events, conferences, meetings come more alive with interventions, workshops, chairmanship and more.

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