What is life about? How do we give meaning? What makes us connect deeper to our purpose or work? Being in touch with some answers to these questions can give direction, inner strength and makes you more effective. It certainly helps to prevent burnouts, frustration and depression. 

We personally found meaning in offering a very diverse package. It helps us to be very enthusiastic about each new assignment and keeps us sharp as we balance on our personal edge. Our workshops always feel a bit like an explorer who takes a crew on a journey or into a living lab. That means we and our participants are collaborating, which is always more empowering in effect, that just providing some 'golden rules'.

People, Passion, Play, Purpose

Why we are driven to an experiential approach. 

We are not a normal company. We seek to bring balance. People should feel secure in their authentic self and they should be curious about what more is possible. This means we need to balance between what is and what is needed and what is possible. This we research with our participants. Training is both a case of helping people find their own answers, as much as offering insights that feel helpful in any given situation.

We are not a normal company. Our means are not always expected and certainly not more of the same. Training that prepares you for what life, let alone clients, can throw at you, needs to be unexpected, experiential and catch you as unprepared as reality does. This is why we think lighthearted play is such an excellent approach to train adaptive resilient and collaborative capacities.

We all grow by applause, we help you to find it.
We all grow by applause, we help you to find it.

Twelve Lessons

Key insights that are present within most of my work.


Lesson 1: Don't sacrifice for a cause at the cost of yourself. The medium is the message.

Lesson 2: Acknowledge others for who they truly are.
Lesson 3: Don't hide what you have to share.
Lesson 4: Living our reactions to the fuzz we get from our parents, is a trap that is a waste of energy. Yet when overcome has gifts in traits and character.
Lesson 5: The opponent in conflicts have their own reasonings. It may or may not have to do with you. It also may have wisdom, if you translate it in a smart way, or by listening deeper.
Lesson 6: Winning a conflict is nothing, liberating from it, is the key.
Lesson 7: Find the uniqueness in your path; it is the core of your gift.
Lesson 8: The issue we speak about is always present here and now.
Lesson 9: We become experts at what we struggle with.
Lesson 10: Your talent may be awesome to others, while you still struggle with it.
Lesson 11: Defy logic. What does your heart tell you is true? Defy emotions. Check the facts.
Lesson 12: Love connects us deeper. Freedom enlarges our scope of action. Play makes us dance with what is.

Lesson number 6 feels like a universal insight, that most people don't get (yet). It turns the whole table on conflict resolution.  Issues like racism, war, male dominance, etc can probably better be dealt with, through play, love & freedom than through conflict resolution. Better to liberate ourselves from any conflict, through winning a victory over the other side.
This could lead to new solutions for weaker sides in conflicts. How to liberate yourself from the (power of) the other? It could lead to a new era of creativity. Consider how the Tibetan Buddhists spread their beliefs across the world, after being chased off by the Chinese, who refuse to understand the Dalai Lama chose liberation over winning.

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