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Educational Innovation

From keynotes to 'out of the box' workshops for teachers and or students, Floris Koot makes audiences of every age come alive with purpose and play. He'll provoke, educate, question and inspire. 

Workshop & Training

Floris offers a wide range of topics around creativity, personal development & team learning. He's driven to make workshops experiential, will get participants excited, brings always depth and new ideas.

Event Hosting & Keynotes

Floris is an activating event host & Storyteller. He warms up conferences, offers rituals to open & close festivals, adds humorous interventions and presides over small crowds to get them involved into the matter. He's sharp & playful.


Floris works often in the name of other companies as a trainer. For them, he worked amongst others with Rabobank, Bank of Scotland, Sogeti, TNT, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, BMP. Groups have been as diverse as school kids, CEO's, students, politicians, teachers, scientists, managers, refugees, volunteers & software engineers.

Personal Coaching

Floris mostly get asked to help with finding direction, reframing your qualities and find the courage to go for it. His approach is playful and sharp, even provocative. Only approach him, if you really want him. There are enough good regular coaches out there.

Game & Event Design

Floris developed many Management Games for DOLevents. As Foolservice he continues to do so. Three products stand out: Mafia Game (organisational politics), GameStorms (get insight about issues through conceiving them as a game) & Switchball (see further down).


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