Bahar Farshchi Jamshidabady

Bahar is an experienced art and movement therapist. She and Floris worked often together, where she deepened the bodywork. She now works on a book explaining her approach, which uses focus therapy to strengthen personal presence.

Charles Davies

Charles studied at Oxford, became very young main editor of a fashion magazine, went into copywriting and now personal coaching. He helps people becoming very very clear.

Sif Yraola

She and her partner Tom started the Home of Gaia in Amsterdam. Sif and Floris hosted some workshops together and currently work on a new education in Amsterdam. 

Gaella Grace

Editor, writer, creative concepts, dancer, poet, social activist, an educative innovator. Working with Floris on a game, a book and education project.

Philippe Greier

Founder of Edushifts United and personal friend. Organizes educational tours along new initiatives in the education field in several countries. 

Permanent Beta

Dutch network of social aware creatives in many fields. They run creative days for everyone and an invite-only festival once a year.

Open Up Festival

Floris is one of the co-founders of this festival that exists since 2005. The festival aims for self-development and collective growth.

Castel Mundo

Small growing community, founded by Floris, focussed at setting up an Eco-village

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