We can and must respond creatively to the crisis and simultaneously overcome dehumanization, economic inequality, and, ecological catastrophe." ~ Vandana Shiva

(Due to the passing of Gaella Grace we had to end this approach. Yet the spirit of the project continues in Flourish&Fly)

FLOURISH GAIA is an educational initiative to bring Gaia awareness, insight and service to schools so that our youth may co-create a future in which both our planet and they can flourish. We will fortify educators with the resources they need to develop resilient, resourceful youth.

Our desire is to help develop change-makers and the next generation of conscious business leaders and entrepreneurs. 

In our deeply interconnected and intertwined world, solutions and actions must be international and come from a deeper level of understanding. Our choices and lifestyles of billions must become as helpful towards solutions as possible - from the food we eat, to the products we make or buy, to how we dispose of our waste. In this crisis we can only 'win' when everyone wins. This means education needs to be driven by different paradigms to support this global transition.

FLOURISH GAIA plans to offer educators around the world with resources that provoke holistic, system-thinking and a deep appreciation of nature. We want to provide the educational resources, activities, and inspiration for educators and parents who want to help make a difference. 

Products & Services

Products are in development, Services are offered on request.

Talks & Consultancy

Have our vision for 21st century education explained in talks for your students and or educators. Discover what damaging current education is based upon, and how a more integral approach can help protect our future.

Available in USA and Europe

Gentle Rebels Game

This game will offer everything to start acting to make a difference. It activates you in school, community and life. It addresses actions, personal empowerment, community building and more. In development.

Workshops & Events

We offer workshops for students & staff on topics like Reconnecting with Nature, Life Skills Schools Forget to Teach You, Future Job Creation and How to Make Teaching Experiential & Activating? 

Available in USA and Europe.

This game is currently in development. An online rough version may be freely available, while hardcopies will be for sale. We hope to crowdfund the hard copy version.

In a range of categories players get incentives to take action. This goes from very personal, to training courage, to fact check media, to bring the community together to take action in collaboration. 

The game helps to open eyes and empowers young people to join the global surge for change. Rather than prepare to aim for a corporate job, young people should understand they have a choice and that their choices will determine further damage to our eco-systems through their jobs, or that we can transform our world to be healthy for all people and planet.

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