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Campus Party 2020

Talk: The Power of Play 

Why Play? Study helps to acquire knowledge, professional skills and discipline. But in this day and age we need to keep our playfulness alive. Playfulness boosts flexibility, creativity, speeded learning, and lightness of tone, which makes people more charming, open and positive. And those qualities also help with building relationships, sales, dealing with adversity and adapting to new conditions like pandemics or invent your way out of a crisis. In this workshop we'll address how to develop your play power. What attitude and principles help you to be more playful? How to be more creative and come up with innovative solutions to new problems? How to integrate playfulness into leadership? All flavored with some colorful examples and exercises.

PODCAST: The Conquest of Bliss

Society & Culture:Philosophy

Episode 20 - Playful Learning and a Magical Life (with Floris Koot)

The amazing author and creative being, Floris Koot joins us all the way from the Netherlands! Though we did have *some* audio issues, the episode is worth the listen! What an amazing human and a cool connection to make! Join us on a conversation about living in the magic that exists all around us and the adventures he got to undertake along the way!

The Change Makers Podcast

SDG 4: Education for life with Floris Koot

Floris Koot (1958, the Netherlands) is an experienced public speaker, writer, trainer, and since 2004, an active creative innovator in education. He is co-founder of Knowmads Business school Amsterdam and was involved in several other education startups.

Floris studied to be a Teacher of Dramatic Arts and Integral Psychology. During his journey, he worked in many creative professions, from actor to DJ, from illustrator to event designer. As a teacher, he always challenges mindsets and explores new possibilities. He helps students find their own answers.

The Change Makers Podcast aims to raise awareness about changes needed in our behavior, in our society, and in our economy in order to preserve our planet and live more sustainable. We have only one decade left to achieve the UN's SDGs and we need to speed up the process to make it happen.

PODCAST: Primal Happiness

EPISODE: Why play is one of the most powerful forces on earth.

And this week's show is with Floris Koot. Floris is a 'Play Engineer' active in many fields. He believes 'we' only win when everyone wins. Globally many people and organizations seek to work so that the whole will flourish through their activity. Floris contributes to this Gentle Revolution happening. He helps individuals and organisations to become more purpose driven, free and playful.

In this show, we explored the power of play - what exactly it is, why it's important and what are the benefits of us playing more. 

TEDx Arnhem 2016

Talk Presented: "The Gentle Revolution"

The talk is about the overview effect, changing education and with 2 experiments with the whole room. 


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