FoolService is mostly Floris Koot. Yet when opportunity or specific requests make it necessary Floris will collaborate with specialists, like singer Coco Joans, coach Charles Davies, Writer/editor Gaella Grace, business trainer Marc Brauwers and many others. 

about Floris

Floris is an eclectic creative, diving into many fields. He offers innovative approaches with uplifting depth and insight.
When not hosting or training groups he invented a sport, new piano teaching method, games, large group collaboration methods and lots of new exercises like Deathball. He also acted & directed, designed some logo's (not yet the one above). His biggest love is working with people. He helps them to both get more authentic and discover more possibilities. He shows that taking the risk to fail, actually opens doors.

As a play engineer, he designs processes, games, exercises that help people develop in the dynamic with their environment, community, or business; often in playful fun ways. 

He activates, inspires and uplifts. He boosts authenticity and new possibilities for people he works with. He integrates three levels (physical presence, professional outlook & social consciousness about your contribution to the whole) of awareness in his work.

His clients varied from CEO's, students, starters, civil servants, politicians, refugees to software managers, educators, and more. Floris brings something new to any field he enters. Explore what that might be for you.

FoolService History

FoolService started around 2001 when Floris Koot and Bert van der Neut met in a restaurant because of a book and decided there and then to start this company. Since 1988 Floris had already worked and made money in over 12 creative professions, like illustrator, screenwriter, actor, DJ, event designer, role play host, commercial director, MC, and more. This book "The Corporate Fool" by David Firth inspired them to start a company offering Corporate Fools. Everyone loved the idea, yet Bert and Floris found Corporate Fools aren't in high demand. It scared people. (Hence you can ask, but we don't offer it anymore) They did, though, sell creative training, event hosting and workshops about playful attitudes. Around 2004 Bert, found he was more needed in primary education and became headmaster, saving a floundering school in Tiel, using the philosophies they had developed in those three years. 

In that time Floris also got involved in alternative education, through a conference on changing paradigms he co-hosted with people from the ChaosForum network. Out of this event, KaosPilots Netherlands was born, that in 2010 became Knowmads. In both cases, Floris helped co-found the school. At the same time, he prolonged FoolService as a 1 man company. Because he worked mostly in name of other organizations FoolService was a bit of a sleeping entity. The spirit though was very much alive, as Floris learned to play with professions. By now he has used over 80 different job titles and got paid for over 50 of them; Job Title Coach being one of them. 

All that diversity, however, has also led to an unclear brand, a seeming lack of specialization and struggles to make others trust he really can do all those things. Slowly the variety is becoming a mastery in itself. Floris often wonders, what could be a new, more essential, approach to this request? Mixing his background as a theatre teacher and a study in Applied Integral Psychology, he finds surprising universal answers.

Floris embraces the diversity in his work. He finds it is liberating, inspiring and always makes him take on jobs enthusiastically. Only now does he begin to see the red threads between all those different things. And more and more he crossed borders. He was invited to places like Vienna, London, Tel Aviv, Ibiza, San Francisco to share one of his many different loves or got plunged into new roles. In Vienna he was last minute asked to make improvised performances during stEFFIE educational conference. In Germany he taught an intensive at a Contact Dance festival, never having done that before. In Drenthe he was ten minutes before the start of the festival asked to open it with a friend. It seems when one is not afraid to try new things, that much more is possible than previously anticipated. Nowadays he often seeks out new collaborations to investigate new fields. This has led to the invention of Switchball, offering singing workshops and card game design.

His current most used job titles include Play Engineer, 'Out of the Box' expert, Social Innovator. More on his life story can be found here.

Improvised Performances
Leading Massive Rituals
Developed new educational models
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